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Manage Risks
Users/Accounts - Protrader Back Office


Protrader has a rule-based settings control that enables easy creation of hierarchical structures of users. All user settings can be inherited from parent group. In addition, it is possible to redefine rules for each user on its level
Revenue Plans - Protrader Back Office

Revenue plans

Using the Protrader back office interface, brokers can design revenue plans for users or instruments by setting commissions, spreads, swaps, and rebates, that can be assigned to a specific user or user group. There is a possibility to create the unlimited hierarchy of White Labels and IB partners, dividing revenue among all of the participants
Risk Management - Protrader Back Office

Risk management

Brokers are able to manage orders and positions through back office, controlling all trading operations made by clients. Comprehensive suite of risk limitations allows to manage flexibly the intraday and general loss permissions per account or per user, general trading rules, instrument management and margin rules
Liquidit - Protrader Back Office


Clients' orders can be executed locally or routed to exchanges, ECNs, brokers, market makers, or banks. Using smart route functionality it is possible to:
  • define main and backup connections in frames of one route, that ensures disconnect tolerance
  • aggregate price feeds from several providers to a single price book
Instruments Set - Protrader Back Office

Instruments set

The platform provides exhaustive set of instrument settings: pip size, lot size, lot step, minimal and maximum lot, crosses, swap and commission plans, margin requirements and various margin formulas depending on asset, etc. For more usability, instruments can be imported from file and located in groups with predefined settings
Comprehensive Reporting - Protrader Back Office

Comprehensive reporting

It is possible to view various system and account activity reports for account, selected users or user groups. About 50 report types are provided as standard, which cover all events generated by users and by the system. There is capability of custom reports generating and exporting to html and excel files

Our History

This year was full of important improvements, that made our trading application better, more powerful and more attractive. There were some significant events such as Integration with Alliance News to receive streaming real-time news and connection to reliable real-time and delayed market data through S&P Capital IQ. Besides, we’ve created the risk management panel for traders, called Margin Analyzer, and have conducted full remodelling of Protrader charting functionality.
Traditionally working on features improvement and customer network growth PFSOFT undertook some important steps in new technology updates. It announced the launch of the Protrader Exchange Solution, the first end-to-end commercial exchange solution available for crypto-currency trading. Exchanges can use this solution to widen their target audience regardless of whether they are start-ups or already established. It was officially presented at the Global Bitcoin Summit in Beijing, China. New Protrader mobile apps for iOS and Android devices were released as well, combining comprehensive platform functionality and usability
This was definitely the best year in PFSOFT history. The main highlight of the year was the release of Protrader 3, which set a new standard for multi-asset platforms. Meanwhile, a large Turkish bank, AK Investment, went live with Protrader to offer the first multi-asset solution in the country. Finally, the year ended on a high-note with PFSOFT celebrating its 10th anniversary and the launch of a project dedicated to creating a community of well-informed traders
PFSOFT continues to strengthen positions through brokerages worldwide. Two advanced functional modules for investors and money managers have been added to the Protrader platform. In addition, significantly enhanced web application has been released
The Protrader 2 trading platform has been released. PFSOFT expands its partners’ relations and now we get new clients in Asia and East Europe, Africa and Australia. The global presence of Protrader confirms its great functionality and usability
PFSOFT provides even more conveniences for all users. Now we offer 24-hours clients’ support and new release’s strategy, according to which new features appear in software each two months and bugs are fixing weekly
New complete WEB terminal and significant update of Front-End terminal have been released. Protrader is becoming more powerful and universal, supports even more asset-classes and is compatible with MSSQL databases
Protrader has been integrated with more than 20 liquidity providers and is used for Introducing Brokers, White Labels and hedge-funds. Beta version of WEB terminal has been released, so users get another one mobile terminal for convenient trading
Protrader really helps to trade efficiently. Now users can get all the advantages from different liquidity providers, using STP for best price aggregation. New powerful tool for creating trading strategies — PTL Builder — appears in the platform
Protrader now supports all major markets, including Forex, stocks, commodities, futures and options, and consists of several terminals. Two new terminals allow users to trade anyplace and anytime, using only Pocket PC of mobile device
We confirm our reputation of innovator. PFSOFT is developing new terminal, oriented on the stocks market, so the platform becomes multi-asset. Another new product - .NET station – becomes the first .NET-based financial software in the world
PFSOFT bursts into financial markets. First version of the platform with Java-based terminal has been released, and first clients are using it in live mode. New terminal is also appropriate for market makers that trade on Forex
PFSOFT started from the idea – the idea to bring financial software market on the qualitatively new level. Denis Borisovskiy and Peter Fen began to work on ProChart and ProQuotes terminals and this event is considered to be the start point of our definite way to success